Manage all your agents and their commissions quickly, easily and efficiently.

With the Agents module you can organize your Sales Force and automatically calculate their commissions.


In particular, this module allows you to create an agent database with a defined hierarchy. You can provide each agent with a limited access to the commercial part of the platform, where they can manage and monitor their work independently.


It is also possible to assign one or more customers to an agent or sub-agent, as well as manage commissions by price range, margin, customer or price list.


In addition, it is possible for an agent to place orders from the VG7 management system or from e-commerce on behalf of a customer assigned to him.

Agents and Sub-agents

Create profiles and manage the hierarchy of your Agents.


The Agents module allows you to create different user profiles for your agents. Each agent can enter the management system with his own credentials, where he can view and manage only the network of customers that has been assigned to him.  


The sub-agent function allows the creation of hierarchical profiles with infinite levels of dependency. In this way, agents can have their own sales network, which can be easily consulted thanks to the list of sub-agents.


Manage commissions automatically.

Each agent profile can be assigned a commission percentage, which can be generic or weighted based on the order amount. The management system calculates this percentage automatically for each document. Furthermore, it is possible to view the history of commissions associated with each agent and set them as "paid "or "to be paid ".


Assign individual sales coupons to Agents.


If the sub-agent function is active, it is possible to assign individual sales codes through coupons. When these coupons are used to carry out orders, the management system automatically assigns the order entered to the referred agent.

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