Update and monitor the status of your warehouse directly from the VG7 platform.

With the Production Routing module, you can organize your Warehouse directly from the VG7 platform.

In particular, you have the possibility to: enter and update the stocks of individual materials, monitor the material that needs to be ordered, create purchase orders to the supplier of raw materials and set up notifications of low stocks.


For stock monitoring and procurement.

Split shipment management

Separate your order and ship it to different destinations.


Thanks to this feature, it is possible to send single lines or parts of the same order line to different addresses. For example, in an order of 1000 flyers and 300 business cards, the customer can specify one address for the flyers and another for the business cards. Another example is: if the customer orders 1000 flyers, he can send 500 to one address, 300 to a second address and 200 to a third one.


Manage the dispatch of your shipments to transport services.


The Courier Module enables the Print Configurator to interface with various transport services.


With this module you can:


  • send the shipment to be taken over directly from the print configurator to the IT systems of the transport services, with a simple click;
  • define the number of packages and weight of each shipment;
  • print customized labels with logo and bar code to be applied on the various packages;
  • automatically create a shipment report, which is given to the courier when the goods are collected;
  • track the goods directly from the Print Configurator;
  • send automatically an e-mail to the customer confirming the shipment with the tracking code;
  • have delivery results automatically read out by the Print Configurator.


Allow transporters to certify the transport has taken place.


The Transporter Module allows limited access to the VG7 platform by users with a “transporter” profile: it will be possible to associate a transporter who has access to the platform to mark the transport carried out for each sales delivery note. To certify the transport, the transporter must necessarily load:


  • the image of the goods delivered
  • the image of the signed Delivery Note

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