Manage automatically each phase of the order.

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How does it work?

Thanks to the Production Routing module you can manage each production phase, monitoring all orders in production in real time. The system automatically creates the process phases for each order and assigns them to the operators and processing centers, respecting the estimated costs and times.


The module also allows you to efficiently manage tickets and critical issues and provides detailed reports on the work progress. It also creates automatically transport documents, documents for process and material purchase orders, all of which can be customized with company logos and data.


Improves the entire production flow, from order receipt to shipment.

Thanks to the features included in the VG7 Production Routing it is possible to:


  • automatically create processing phases;
  • assign phases to operators or processing centers; 
  • monitor and manage all processing queues;
  • manage the progress of the processing phases through barcode reading;
  • manage operators and processing centers;
  • manage tickets and critical issues.

Delivery schedule

The status of orders always under control.


With the Calendar you can monitor the status of all orders for delivery, completed or delayed, as well as the status of purchase orders for processings or materials from external suppliers.

The Calendar allows you to view each order or purchase order by month, week or day and also shows the holidays of individual operators, company closing days and holidays. 

Combined production

Optimize processing times and use of materials.


This module allows you to combine partially or totally the production of two or more product orders that have similar features (e.g. the same paper, weight or number of colors) and therefore can be printed together, on the same machine sheet. The combined processing steps are:


  • The assembly and creation of the plates
  • Printing
  • Cutting


Transport and purchase documents always in order.


Within the Production Routing module, you can create, customize and archive different types of documents: 

Working hours

Records each operator's attendance and absence directly in the VG7 platform.

With the Stamping module, operators can mark the time of their entry and exit. It is then possible to obtain a monthly overview of attendance, absences and overtime of each operator.  


You can also view a statistical report of each employee's productivity and the average hours worked by all operators over a specified time period.


Track production and warehouse movements with the barcode.


With this module you can manage the phase progress of order processing as well as stock movements (both loading and unloading) by reading a barcode.

The barcode also allows you to print the complete list of all the barcodes of the process types and the individual operators. You can also integrate it into the badge of each operator and print all the barcodes directly on the process sheet of the order. 


Manage your supplier network for te purchase of processes and materials.

With this feature you can:


  • create and manage a supplier database;
  • assign one or more suppliers to a specific product in the Warehouse;
  • assign any type of processing to a supplier, with automatic creation of orders and transport documents;
  • set up an entire order as an external delivery (single delivery).

Single supply

Assign all the processing of an order line to a single supplier.


This feature allows you to assign all the processes of a single order line to a single supplier, with the possibility to create a specific purchase order for single-supply processes.

It is also possible to allow the supplier access to the platform with the same features as an operator, allowing him to manage all the processes for his order.


In addition, the supplier can:


  • manage customers linked to the order;
  • carry out shipments;
  • manage transport documents;
  • view only the data relating to his order.


Use the same VG7 platform for different companies with different tax information.


With the Multi-Company function, each company will have its own identification code on the platform. In particular it will be possible:


  • to associate orders, delivery notes and purchase orders for work and materials to different companies;
  • to define for each company different headings of the transport documents, orders, estimates, etc...;
  • to have separate numbers for each type of document;
  • to filter documents by company;
  • to associate customers with different companies.


Manage the various corporate offices within the VG7 platform.

The Multi-office module represents the ideal extension of the Multi-Company module. It allows you to get:


  • separate production and warehouse management for each office;  
  • stock levels of the current location. Orders and movements are also filtered for the current location;
  • separate management of all purchase and sales orders and Delivery Notes for each company/office.


Plan and monitor the progress of your production


The Scheduler module allows you to plan each process phase. It allows automatic planning on machines, operators and suppliers, taking into account processing queues and delivery dates. 


You can then create a GANTT diagram, which shows the job progress of the various orders and offers an overview of the production that can be filtered by machine, operator, processing center, type of process and much more.

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