has been operating in the digital sector for more than 10 years.

We are an innovative software house, based in Padua, specialized in innovative, flexible web-to-print solutions capable of satisfying customer needs.
Compared to a classic IT company, we combine the skills and experience of the hi-tech world with that of graphic design, which is purely creative and communicative.

"It was our customers that, over time, created our products and Know-how, giving us the inspiration to improve and evolve. Thanks to those who believed in us and our professionalism, the soul of VG7 was born from the desire to make companies better, competitive and innovative on the market.

The simplification of processes is our goal and we will continue to optimise and develop digital products and services to achieve full integration of communication channels."


Mario Cunsolo - founder and owner of VG7

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High-level professionals.

We have specific skills for each sector, in order to offer a complete and competent service in all aspects.

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