Personalised clothing




A site entirely dedicated to custom shoes.
Designed to give the user the opportunity to create a gift for a special occasion or to have a unique and personal product.


The strong point is the visual editor, thanks to which the user can configure his shoes in total autonomy and freedom, starting from the colour of the laces up to the creation of the personalised graphics to be applied to the entire surface of the shoes.

Visual Editor

To create the graphics online.

Thanks to the Visual Editor, the user is able to create the graphics for his customised shoes directly online and without the need for technical knowledge or specific software. He can add photos, patterns and texts to create his own unique and completely personalised composition, even choosing whether to create a shoe different from the other one.

The user can choose whether to start with a totally blank shoe or to modify the pre-made layouts provided on the site. The layouts have been organised by theme to make the choice easier.


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