Primissima S.r.l.

Personalized clothing




A site that brings together articles from several external suppliers, designed to allow the user to create their own personalised garment by choosing from a huge variety of products.


The graphics can be applied in various points of the garment: for example front, back or sleeves to allow the user maximum freedom of customisation.

Visual Editor

To create graphics online.

Once the user has decided where to apply the graphics, all that is left to do is to unleash his creativity by using the Visual Editor to create his graphics directly online without the need for additional software or technical skills.
Once the work has been completed, a realistic preview of the result is generated so that the user can check the final result. If the user has ordered more than one colour at the same time, he can easily switch between them to check that the design looks good with all the colours he has chosen.

Configure the platform

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