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Quick, easy and error-free print estimates

• Manage printing through screen printing, pad printing, varnish and other techniques.

Configure the hourly productivity based on the type of product (in terms of prints/hour and relative hourly price).

Set the cost per square meter based on the printable area of ​​each individual item.

Manage the hourly cost of operator (press/cut), transfer materials, films and frame/cliché.

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VG7 Editor

Create, customize, order: all just a click away.

Create different templates per sector: clothing, gadgets, shopper, tech, etc.

• Allow your customers to customize different aspects of the graphics based on the item.

• Configure a different tab for each side of the work to be customized (for example, the different areas of a T-shirt).

• Simulate the appearance of the customizations made through the 3D preview mockup (particularly useful for products such as cups, water bottles and clothing).

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VG7 E-commerce

From B2B to B2C: the e-commerce of the future.

• Allow to easily and intuitively create cumulative orders with different sizes, colors and quantities.

• Set different stocks for different combinations of sizes and colors.

Allow the customization of different parts of the item (for example, the graphics for the front, back, right and left sleeves).

• Make different materials and processes available to the customer based on the product and the printing area (for example, print, patch or embroidery on the heart side, but only embroidery for the sleeve).

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Warehouse, logistics and shipping just a click away.

Manage the warehouse of the different customizable products by dividing them by type.

Set internal codes, different purchase prices for the various suppliers, position in the warehouse itself and minimum thresholds for stock.

Keep track of the raw materials used, to order and to arrive, not only in terms of handling, but also with eventual purchase orders.

Manage supplier code, loading/unloading, delivery note code and date in case of quantities arrived at different times, keeping track of the quantity not yet arrived.

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Advantages of VG7

for the customized products sector

Simplify the configuration of cumulative orders

VG7 helps your customer in configuring the estimate, thanks to the many features that allow you to choose between different combinations of quantities, sizes and colors of the product. This greatly facilitates the user, minimizing the possibility of errors when creating complex orders.

Calculate without compromise

VG7 offers you an estimation tool dedicated specifically to you and your sector that allows you to make calculations much more precise than those made with more generic and less specialized tools.

Win the customer with the mockup

VG7 provides the customer with a photorealistic preview of the graphics he has created independently or starting from preconfigured templates: a very useful feature if, for example, the user is indecisive between the proposals of different e-commerce websites.