Allows the simultaneous calculation of the same estimate for multiple subjects, showing the result on a single page. It is also possible to specify different quantities for each subject.


Allows the simultaneous calculation of the same estimate for multiple quantities, showing the result on a single page. Useful, for example, in cases where it is necessary to send the customer an offer with multiple runs.

Comparison of estimates

VG7 Print optimizes every aspect of the product realization. Based on the technical and economic parameters of each machine or process, the estimator provides quotes made with different printing technologies (for example, digital or offset) and determines the most advantageous and efficient solution.

Customer and supplier notifications

Customers and suppliers will always be updated on the status of their orders and payments. They can get confirmation for registration on the website, order, feedback on graphic file checks, package tracking  or product ready for pickup.

Custom discount/markup

Configure discount or markup percentages on the sale price (total or single calculation component), based on the individual customer, customer category, type of product, single product, machine or finish.

Generation of processing sheets

VG7 Print allows you to create the PDF file of the processing sheets. These are automatically generated by the system when an order is processed, they are sent to the production departments and printed when necessary. They summarize the processing phases to be carried out and the material to be taken from the warehouse.

Management of production waste

VG7 Print allows you to manage the waste of sheet and roll materials, both in a general and specific way, for each material. It also allows the configuration of waste in press sheets for the small format, both for the printing phase and for any other finish following or preceding it.

Print file storage

Each order line corresponds to one or more print files. The graphic file can be uploaded manually by the person managing the order or directly by the customer via the site. The customer will be able to upload it already in the shopping cart or from his personal area, and will be able to monitor any graphic control of the file.

Cost and price management

Allows to establish the purchase cost or internal cost and the respective sale price for each machine, material and finish price list. This not only allows you to have total control over costs/revenues, but also to obtain a correct and meaningful final report for each order.

Detailed reports

The system provides detailed reporting on the status of activities within VG7 Print, with graphs and statistical data on: estimates, orders and turnover, customers and customer categories, cost centers, individual products or types of best-selling products, utilization , turnover and material consumption for each individual machine.

Integration with management systems

VG7 Print can be integrated with any management software for accounting already in use in the company. The integration provides the sending and receiving of connection tables, master data, orders and transport documents. The possible management of different revenue accounts, payment methods or company names is also envisaged.

Access management with different roles

Allows to manage the accesses to the platform with different roles and credentials: admin (platform administrator), technician (figure who manages, for example, production and warehouse) and operator (can only see the assigned jobs).


Save time preparing estimates

VG7 Print simplifies and speeds up the preparation of estimates and orders. Once the technical-economic parameters of the platform have been configured, it is sufficient to choose the useful settings to carry out the calculation automatically. The system therefore allows anyone in the company to make a print quote, simple or complex

Eliminate the risk of human error in preparing an estimate

VG7 Print eliminates the possibility of human error, through constraints (for example, between press sheets and printers or laminations), automatisms (for example, creasing with a certain weight), incompatibility between the different variants of a product and the configuration of maximum , minimums and multiples (for example, the number of sides of a certain binding).

Improve customer interaction and business performance

By streamlining the flow of estimates and order processing, VG7 Print allows you to improve interaction with customers, providing them with a complete, easy and quick to use service. A better purchasing and budgeting experience will lead to an increase in orders and, consequently, to an increase in company performance.

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