Specific layouts

VG7 E-commerce offers graphic layouts designed according to the specific needs of print products (for example, publications with different specs for inside pages, cover and inserts, or coupled panels with free format and finishes), to simplify the configuration of estimates for the customer.

Simple products and VG7 Print integration

The system supports both products with a fixed sales price or according to quantity ranges (for example, displays, boxes, products purchased from third parties) as well as goods with a price determined by VG7 Print (comparing different technologies for different components, to return the most economical sales price).

Areas with reserved access

Allows to diversify your offer to the customers, reserving specific price lists and products for some of them. With a single website you can create multiple reserved areas dedicated to certain categories of customers or individual customers, who with their credentials will be able to view products and sections not visible to others.

Multiple and fractional shipments

Allows the user to enter multiple shipping addresses for the same order line, also choosing the quantities to be sent to each address. It is also possible to establish a different type of shipment for each split created.

Print file upload and PDF controller

Allows the customer to independently upload the print files, directly from the thank you page at the order confirmation or in the user area. The PDF controller also allows the control of PDF documents, to check if they are suitable for printing and indicate any errors present in a preview.

Saving of the cart

Allows users registered on the site to save the entire contents of the cart and retrieve it at a later time to confirm the order. In addition, if a customer places products in the cart before logging in, these will be kept after logging in and combined with those already present.

Search filters

In addition to the classic keyword search, it allows the configuration of filters in each section of the site. It is possible to create filters by color, size, dimension, gender, etc. In this way, the customer will be facilitated in the search for products and will finalize the purchase more quickly.

Secure payment methods

Supports different payment methods for online purchases, for example: PayPal, MultiSafepay, Satispay, integration with payment gateway, cash on delivery, advance bank transfer.

Web-to-print multistorefront

Allows to create and manage multiple e-commerce websites from a single VG7 management system. Choose how many and which products from the catalog to send to each web platform, customize texts and images and make each sales channel unique.

Discount codes and promotions

Allows to create promotional campaigns or assign credits to the most loyal users, with promo codes (for a fixed or percentage reduction), pay-as-you-go credits (to pay for the whole or part of the order), credit collection on purchases (earning credits for each purchase) and cards pre-loaded with credits.

Integration with external suppliers

VG7 E-commerce supports the fast and massive import of thousands of products (for example, clothing and gadgets) from one or more suppliers and the constant updating of price lists and stocks. The import can be done via XML, CSV or Web Service.

Sharing products between platforms

Allows to share products between VG7 platforms and publish them on the storefronts, facilitating both the retailer, who does not have to worry about technical-economic configurations, and the supplier, who receives the order directly according to his specifications.


Expand your target

VG7 E-commerce allows you to reach new customers, even in distant geographic areas. The CMS is designed to facilitate the indexing of the site by the main search engines through SEO fields, integration with social media and the interface with external review management tools (for example, Feedaty or Trustpilot).

Improve interaction with B2B customers

VG7 E-commerce offers B2B customers a quick and easy way to create and confirm estimates, without using internal resources. You can create different sections on the site with ad hoc products and dedicated price lists, visible only to certain categories of customers or, for example, to individual retailers with specific economic agreements.

Retain customers or wake up sleeping ones

VG7 E-commerce allows the management of periodic dedicated promotions or loyalty discounts. This allows to maximize sales in strategic periods of the year and to provide continuity in the relationship with customers.

Make every sales channel unique thanks to the web-to-print multistorefront

VG7 E-commerce allows you to simplify the operation of multiple e-commerce sites, managing orders from different frontends through a single platform, publishing different products on each site with customized texts and images and specifying discounts and markups.

Create a network of suppliers and resellers thanks to products sharing

VG7 E-commerce allows to connect different platforms and facilitates collaboration between suppliers and resellers, ensuring a simple and efficient choice between insourcing and outsourcing for individual products, with dedicated discounts and mark-ups both at the level of internal estimates and through the various storefronts connected to your platform.



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