A powerful editor accessible to anyone

VG7 Editor allows your customers to easily customize product graphics directly from the website. Even a user with no graphic design skills can manage all the customization tools in an intuitive way, viewing a photorealistic preview of the configured product.

DPI setting

Allows to define the DPI (dots per inch) required by each product for which the VG7 Editor has been activated. Each uploaded file is checked in order to verify that the set DPIs are respected. If the images are scaled too much or do not have sufficient resolution, the customer is notified.

PDF ready for printing

Once the graphic design is complete, the VG7 Editor automatically generates a PDF file ready for printing, in which the graphic elements entered by the end user are already are already arranged as required.

Insertion of shapes and texts

VG7 Editor allows the customer to insert texts and shapes within the graphic design created with the editor. Each content can be styled, rotated, moved or deleted, to allow the customer to realize what they want most.

Image upload

Allows the customer to upload personal pictures or images, drawing from their archive, from social networks or from a gallery created by the site administrator. A typical example is using the company logo when customizing a gadget.

Preset layouts

VG7 Editor features the setup of preset layouts to be suggested to the customers. These layouts contain elements that serve as a starting point for subsequent changes and facilitate the user in creating their own graphics (for example, a catalog of editable layouts for wedding invitations).

Multi-pages management

VG7 Editor allows to set multiple tabs, each representing a side of the job to be customized. This is useful, for example, when creating a 12-month calendar: it is sufficient to plan the creation of 12 work areas, thus facilitating the user in customizing the product.

Optimize the printing of the customized product

VG7 Editor automatically generates a print file in which the project is repeated several times within the press sheet, optimizing the yield in order to make the most of the available space and thus avoiding material waste.

QR code and barcode generator

Allows to create and insert into the graphic design a QR Code or a barcode generated uniquely by the system. This can be useful if you want to add a link accessible via smartphone to a printed label.


Save company time

VG7 Editor avoids occupying resources for the creation of graphics for short-run products offered at an affordable price. The savings in terms of graphic design creation of the product allows you to remain competitive online.

Facilitate customers with little graphic design skills

VG7 Editor is the perfect tool to help the end user customize their products directly online, especially when they do not have the appropriate skills to work offline with professional graphic design software.

Convince customers with the mockup

VG7 provides the customer with a photorealistic preview of the graphic design he has created independently or starting from preconfigured templates: a very useful feature if, for example, the user is undecided between the proposals of different e-commerce sites.


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