Integration with preflight software

Verifies that the PDF files uploaded by users are suitable for printing. The system generates a preview and specific alerts (blocking errors, non-binding warnings or suggestions). For example, you can configure minimum and maximum values ​​for the font or specify that only four-color images are accepted.

4.0 Integration with printers

With VG7 Connect you can connect the management software to your printing machines. This communication takes place via GPC, PLC or JDF system and allows to send job order data from VG7 to the machines, through an XML call. The system, once processed, sends the final balance data to the management system.

Integration with external suppliers

Allows to import products from external suppliers into the catalog of the platform. The import can be done through XML, CSV or web service. Particularly useful when it is necessary to import thousands of products from one or more suppliers and constantly update price lists and stocks.

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Integration with payment systems

Allows to connect the platform to online payment systems such as MultiSafePay (payment service provider that uses 3-D Secure encryption to protect user data) or PayPal (to make transactions without sharing sensitive customer credit card data with the beneficiary).

Integration with accounting management systems

Thanks to VG7 Connect you can integrate your platform with an external accounting management software, according to predefined standards. The export, which takes place at order confirmation and stores data in a folder accessible via FTP, generates files in XML or CSV format, based on the integrated management system.

Integration with newsletter management systems

Allows to integrate a newsletter subscription form directly into the website connected to the VG7 management system. Integration can take place with external services such as Mailchimp, Mailup or InvioNews.

Integration with customer care systems

Allows to integrate the platform with different systems for customer care management. For example, help desk systems (ticket assistance), CRM (customer relationship management) and chat systems integrated with the e-commerce site such as Zopim/Zendesk (to stay in touch with end users).

Integration with analysis and marketing tools

Integrates the platform with tools for traffic analysis (such as Google Analytics) and digital marketing. In addition to SEO fields, you can manage tags to monitor access to the site and advertising campaigns, measure Facebook Ads conversions and connect the site to search engines with Google Shopping and Trovaprezzi.

Integration with feedback and reviews management systems

With VG7 Connect you can show reviews made by customers after the purchase of one or more products on the website connected to the management system. Generic reviews can be displayed within each page of the site and specific reviews of an item within the product sheet.


Monitor and automate

VG7 Connect allows you to monitor the progress of the processes and automate production, thanks to our integration in an "Industry 4.0" perspective with the printing machines. The platform sends the necessary details to the integrated device and receives feedback after completing the process.

Work in perfect synergy with external suppliers

VG7 Connect allows you to manage a single catalog, easily importing the products of one or more external suppliers through integration via web service, XML or CSV file.

It automatically updates stocks and price lists as well as allowing the management of customizations and the different combinations of quantities, sizes and colors of the product.

Carefree accounting

VG7 Connect integrates perfectly with external accounting management systems through predefined standards and following the dynamics already in place or envisaged for your management system. This allows, both at a technical level and as regards the operation on the external management system, not to modify the software already used in your company for accounting.



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