Delivery schedule

Allows to monitor the status of orders in delivery, completed or late, as well as the status of purchase orders for work or material from external suppliers. View orders and purchase orders by month, week or day, holidays of individual operators, company closing days and holidays.

Quick transport and purchase documents

With VG7 Production you can create, customize and archive sales transport documents (to be delivered to the courier for goods sold to the customer), processing account transport documents (for processing purchase orders to external suppliers) and order documents (for purchases of processing or raw materials from external suppliers).

Combined production

It allows you to combine multiple orders that have analogous processes and materials, in order to further reduce business costs, also deciding which processing phases to combine (for example, assembly and creation of plates, printing and cutting) and which ones to leave independent.

Clocking in and out

Allows to digitize entrances and exits from the workplace for each employee. This data can be used by the administrative department to streamline the count of hours worked, absences and overtime, as well as providing statistics of productivity and average hours worked for each employee.

Supplier network management for purchasing processes and materials

With VG7 Production you can create and manage supplier master data, assign one or more suppliers to a material in the warehouse, assign each type of processing to a supplier, automatically generate purchase orders and transport documents and set up an entire order with external supply (single sourcing).


Allows to advance production by reading a barcode without using the management system interface. It also allows you to code each material in the warehouse, unload or load units, performing immediate movements also using a barcode gun.


Allows the management of different companies (with their own identification code) through the same management system. It is possible to associate orders, transport documents and purchase orders to different companies, define separate headings and numbering for documents, filter documents and associate customers with different companies.

Routing template

With VG7 Production you can define a customized workflow for each type of product (large or small format, publishing product, etc.). Through the routing template you can assign the processing phases to operators or work centers, add ad hoc phases and filter by machine type.

Machine load

Collects data on the machines and uses it to logically direct the workflow, in order to optimize the timing. Each machine receives more or fewer orders to be made based on the daily load to which it is subject. The system also allows alerts to be displayed in the individual order.

Time tracking and final report

Allows to track production times for each processing phase. Tracking can be manual or automatic, depending on the type of work. The system compares the estimated times with the actual ones, providing an up-to-date final report, covering both phases and materials used.

Production board

The production board is a full-screen dashboard whose content, in terms of data to be displayed, can be customized as needed. Its ideal use is on a large screen, available to the entire production department, to provide an overview to the staff.


Allows to plan production activities, through the configuration of different scheduling calendars and related resources, the management of the processes to be scheduled and the creation of an editable Gantt chart. It therefore allows you to manage all processes quickly and independently.


Improve the entire production flow, from the receipt of the order to the shipment

VG7 Production allows you to automatically create the processing phases, assign the phases to operators or processing centers, monitor and manage all the processing queues, manage the progress of the processing phases through barcode reading, manage operators and processing centers, manage tickets and critical issues.

Get feedback from every process and optimize productivity

VG7 Production is the perfect tool to track the actual time of each process (comparing it with the estimated time), the materials used, the hourly costs of printers, processes and operators. This allows you to monitor staff and machinery, in order to increase their efficiency and intervene in the event of critical issues.

Take it to the next level with the scheduler

This tool further enhances VG7 Production, allowing you to check and reorder every single processing phase for each production line on the Gantt chart. In this way the resources are not saturated and the planning of the work to be carried out becomes even easier and more efficient.


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