Warehouse loading/unloading

Allows the tracking of warehouse movements, to check that all manual loadings and unloadings have been carried out correctly by the various operators in the management system. The system always reports the time, day and operator who performed the movement, as well as the type and nature of the material handled.

Low stock alert and automatic ordering

With VG7 Logistics you can check the availability of material already in the offer creation phase, thanks to a alert for material below a customizable threshold. It is also possible to quickly create orders to your suppliers for low stock materials, grouped in a section of the warehouse.

Raw material supplier management

Allows to manage different suppliers for each single material. For example, it is possible to configure multiple materials, each with its own purchase price, for each grammage of each paper in the various press sheets or for the single plate or reel of each rigid or flexible material.

Creation of the package label

Allows to produce the courier's package labels directly from the customer's order. This makes the workflow faster and smoother by printing and assigning the package labels directly from the platform, without using the courier-specific management system, thanks to the synergy of the softwares.

Automatic generation of the bordereau

Allows to automatically generate the daily bordereau to be delivered to the courier, when taking charge of the goods. The system creates the file in PDF format, ready for printing and delivering to the delivery man, with shipping number, delivery address, weight of the goods and code of the package label.

Goods tracking

With VG7 Logistics you can monitor the delivery status of the goods, without the need to contact the shipper directly, thanks to parcel tracking. For each shipment entrusted to the courier, the system and the customer receive a tracking number automatically.

Split shipments

Allows the customer to enter multiple shipping addresses for the same order line, choosing the quantity to be sent to each destination and the shipping method. For example, if the customer has purchased 500 business cards, they can choose to ship 200 to one location and pick up the remaining 300 at your location.

Courier integration

Allows to integrate VG7 with management systems for creating shipments (BRT, SDA, TNT, GLS, etc.), generate the shipment, define the number of packages, create specific package labels per courier and shipping reports (bordereau), track the goods via tracking number and automatically read the delivery results.

Direct dialogue with transporters

Allows to create a transporter profile, to access the list of own orders in the management system, view the details and attach package photos and the signed transport document, once the goods have been delivered. It sends notification of successful delivery to the end customer, the management system administrator and the prime contractor.


Improve the entire warehouse flow, from the order to the supplier to the delivery note

VG7 Logistics allows to add several lines to the same order for the various materials to be ordered through the different suppliers, simplifying the management of each step in the procurement process, even in the case of arrival of the purchased material in batches.

Automate the shipment management

VG7 Logistics is the perfect tool to track shipments and manage communications to and from different couriers. The use of a single platform allows you to integrate flows, save time in dealing with couriers and avoid having to use multiple management systems, thus reducing all possible human errors.

Update stocks in real time based on actual use

VG7 Logistics allows not only to check the stock available for each material involved and related orders, but also to update the stock once the processing for a specific raw material has been completed. This guarantees real-time control of the warehouse.


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