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Carlo Carminati

CEO - Carminati & Giuzzardi

With the birth of our company, that produces digital prints and markets online, the need to have a qualified partner to give us the possibility to be visible in the market was born at the same time. Through word of mouth we learned about VG7, a few hours of training, not 6 months as had been the case in the previous experience, and we started with this system. At first it only supported us in the communication site, but then we put in place their management system that is integrated directly with the site. It was like going from a button phone to a smartphone.

Florindo Rubbettino

Publisher - Rubbettino Editore

Our collaboration with VG7 was born from the need to transfer the manufacturing, knowledge of the printing and papermaking sectors of our company also to e-commerce. With VG7 a collaboration was born to create a new e-commerce site that could contain all these values. It gave us the opportunity to open up to new markets through tools tailored to our needs.

Massimo Quaggiato

CEO - Q&B Grafiche

With VG7 we found a very technological and key partner to improve services, business organization and production control. VG7 has given us great possibilities to improve sales management. We have also tried other software, but with VG7 we have been very happy, also thanks to the possibility to manage estimates and orders.

Bernardino Facciotti

CEO - Tipografia Facciotti

We have found in VG7 a reliable Partner. The management system has solved a lot of problems for us both from the point of view of web to print and of all the internal estimating in our company. VG7 gives us the ability to respond to our client's needs almost immediately and allows us to understand already during the creation of the estimate whether to print a job digitally or using offset printing machines. Having a partner like VG7 means solving a lot of problems.

Gianluca Ravasi

CEO - Restart

VG7 seemed to me the right solution as it is the only one that integrates the management side of a printing company with the e-commerce side. I really appreciated this solution because of the simplicity of managing products online. If there are new needs VG7 helps me in finding a solution.

Lorenzo Rossi

Engineer - Tipografia E.LUI

The collaboration with VG7 arose from the need to respond quickly to customers, while also providing a B2B platform. We saw in VG7 a young environment, able to grow with us and respond quickly to our needs. We have asked during these years for different customizations and have always had very fast and quality answers. Having a platform that allows you to respond quickly to the customer but also to understand at the production level what are the most efficient and cost-effective choices makes all the difference.

Maurizio Sapio

Face Director - Edigit

Having a partner that keeps platforms up to date and evolves through new features that we can provide to our customers is critical. We have tried different solutions for our needs but VG7's is the best fit for u

Trabuio Emilio

CEO - Impronta Digitale srl

The collaboration with VG7 was born from the search for a software that would allow us to manage a cloud-based editor. VG7 solved our problem of preparing drafts, sending them to customers and waiting for replies. Having a partner like VG7 is very important because it is reliable and has professionals in-house who quickly solve any issues that may arise.

Marco Rubbettino

Publisher - Rubbettino Editore

We appreciate VG7 for its very smart approach to a way of estimating in our industry that is still tied to logics of the past. It allowed us to get online through a store that we did not have before. VG7 helped us improve our service by taking care of the e-commerce and online sales part.

Sanpietro Massimiliano

CEO - Biaprint

Massimiliano Sanpietro is the owner of a promotional printing and customisation company. He discovered the importance of web to print and noticed the increasing number of customers who prefer to shop online. He uses VG7, a cloud-based software, for quotation management. He appreciates the speed and flexibility that VG7 offers, allowing him to respond to customer requests in a shorter time. He has recommended VG7 to his acquaintances.

Carravetta Corrado

CEO - Legatoria Carravetta

The company Legatoria Carravetta, specialising in bookbinding and digital printing, decided to adopt web-to-print to build customer loyalty, improve productivity and increase sales, while enhancing the company's image. They chose VG7 as their web-to-print platform because of their agent's proposal. They expect to offer a better quotation and order management service to existing customers, attract new customers and increase sales. They recommend VG7 and encourage them to get advice from the VG7 team to prepare properly.

Chiarella GIacomo

Manager - Ecoprintweb

The Ecoprintweb company, specialising in environmentally friendly offset printing, has found an ideal partner in VG7. Unlike other larger software companies, VG7 also offers in-depth support and assistance with marketing and search engine positioning. Furthermore, Ecoprintweb appreciates the direct contact and availability of the VG7 team. They recommend VG7 without hesitation. Ecoprintweb chose to develop online to reach their customers more effectively and attract new ones, while maintaining their commitment to the environment.

Montanari Gabriele

Manager - Edigit

Edigit, a company specialising in management systems for printing companies, partnered with VG7 to offer added value in e-commerce and web-to-print management. VG7 provided crucial features requested by Edigit's customers, such as file control and expert advice in web marketing. In addition, VG7 is integrated with Edigit's management system, allowing a complete connection with an ERP. This synergy has met the needs of graphics companies, offering comprehensive solutions and efficient support.

Vanoli Luca

Manager - Tipografia Galli

The Galli print shop in Varese opened up to the world of web-to-print to address the rapid and unpredictable change in the market. E-commerce offered them the opportunity to reach more customers through devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. They chose VG7 because the platform is easy to use, offers a lot of functionality and provides excellent technical support via phone calls and quick email responses. They were satisfied with the guidance they received and recommend VG7 to everyone.

Carmignani Daniele

Manager - Ideaprint

Ideaprint of Lucca, a local company specialising in graphics, printing and signage, sought an online solution to expand their market and go outside the province. Web to print allowed them to standardise some orders and at the same time overcome the limits of their provincial reality. They chose VG7 as their partner after meeting them at the Viscom trade fair. VG7 met their needs by offering a standard but easily customisable platform, unlike previous experiences. Daniele Carmignani recommends VG7 because it works.

Carlo Alberto Ceccherino

Project Manager - Linea Optima

Linea Optima is a company specializing in printed material management and event organization. To meet the customers' needs for quick quotes and easy order configuration, the company decided to collaborate with VG7. Through this partnership, customers can have a comprehensive view of their orders, precise budget control, and there is no need for specialized knowledge in the printing industry. VG7 is highly recommended as the ideal solution.

Gabriella Moretti

Manager - Rotolito

Rotolito Lombarda, a leading company in digital and offset printing in Europe, has adopted the VG7 system to automate workflow and manage print orders. VG7 has proven its competence during the design phase by meeting the company's requirements and providing valuable consultancy. The VG7 system is suitable for both large companies and small publishers with digital printing needs.

Stefano Cardetti

Manager - Servizi Grafici

Servizi Grafici is a digital printing company specializing in both small and large formats. Waste reduction and resource optimization are crucial for them, with a minimum print run and a focus on printing only what is necessary. They recognized the potential of the web as early as the '90s, registering the domain Over the past ten years, they have completed over 25,000 online quotes, saving time and providing efficient service. They chose VG7 for its comprehensive platform, covering quoting, website integration, and invoicing. VG7 offers them the flexibility of online platforms combined with the personalization of their offline printing service.

Dal Piaz Oscar

Manager - Stampateli

Grafiche Dal Piaz, a company specializing in the production of unique products such as coasters, chip containers, placemats, and roll labels, has embraced web-to-print as the future of the industry. They discovered VG7 during a trade fair and were impressed by the system, its presentation, and the simplicity of the product. They are now beginning to see positive results. Based on their experience, they would recommend VG7 to other companies.

Lauretta Marco

Manager - Smartstampa

Web-to-print offers broader market opportunities for printing shops and centers looking to expand beyond their physical storefronts. The choice of VG7 as the ideal solution was motivated by the ability to create a web-to-print website that reaches a wider audience, including international markets. VG7 provides a modular platform that can be customized based on the company's needs and investments, offering features such as an online editor for product customization. Thanks to the availability of online support and training provided by VG7, even non-web-savvy businesses can take advantage of its solutions to expand their market reach.