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Quick, easy and error-free print estimates

Create estimates for multiple print formats with the same material or different materials in a single step, thanks to the multi-format calculation.

Decide whether or not to price the waste, specifying the percentage, on a general level or for a single material.

Set for which materials to manage the paneling, excluding for some the formats that exceed the dimensions of the print media.

Configure customized packaging for rigid materials, calculating both the real and volumetric weight for each.

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VG7 E-commerce

From B2B to B2C: the e-commerce of the future.

Configure all the specific variants for the different products: for example, hemming and eyeletting for a banner, or different types of cut for a panel.

Manage delivery days and discounts based on different parameters (for example by setting up a slower processing in case of lamination).

Specify daily thresholds in square meters for the same day and subsequent days for roll-to-roll and flatbed printers.

Set up special reserved areas for subcontracting (for example, entrusting the semi-finished product to the supplier for the creation of further finishes such as laminations, eyelets, hemming or pole pockets).

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Organize, manage and digitize your production.

• Divide the processings into steps specific for the world of large format digital printing.

• Combine orders that use the same material and manage the combined order boards.

Correct the material used in production in order to balance the correct quantity, compared to the one budgeted to the customer.

Create processing purchase orders, for example in the case of external lamination or other finishes.

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Warehouse, logistics and shipping just a click away.

Manage the stock of your materials, in order to check availability already in the estimation phase (with relative alert) and suggest to the customer a similar material available in the warehouse.

Associate one or more suppliers with each media (plate, reel) of each material (rigid or flexible), every one with its own purchase cost and specific minimum threshold.

Keep under control the stock of structures of different sizes (for example, support legs, metal supports, metal structures for roll-ups of various formats).

Manage supplier code, loading/unloading, delivery note code and date in case of quantities arrived at different times, keeping track of the quantity not yet arrived.

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Advantages of VG7
for the digital printing sector

Check the machine load automatically

Organize the production flow thanks to the verification of the daily machine load, performed in real time. In this way, the system automatically postpones orders to a later date.

Create and manage combined orders

Combine the orders that share the same printing characteristics in production, in order to optimize times and costs, reducing the material used, thanks to the management of the boards.

Divide the work among the productive resources thanks to the scheduler

Plan your production activities thanks to a Gantt chart, to monitor all the work phases and distribute them between operators and resources in a more efficient way (for example, different units of the same machine).