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Quick, easy and error-free print estimates

Configure all the types of products you have: self cover or plus cover, with color inserts in a black and white book, dust jacket, flaps, endpapers, etc.

Manage the different finishes available for the different components in a simple and immediate way.

Establish the constraints necessary for the various types of binding and any calculation of signatures.

Create separate packing and folding price lists for offset and digital printing.

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VG7 E-commerce

From B2B to B2C: the e-commerce of the future.

Customize your platform by selecting from the various graphic templates dedicated to both the B2C and B2B worlds, specifically designed and developed for publishing.

Upload your products through a simple and intuitive interface, which can communicate directly with your management software.

Group your products by categories and subcategories.

• Customize the description fields and make specific fields available depending on the publishing product (for example, number of pages for inserts or custom format for flaps in certain products).

• Create customized areas for your clients, with dedicated products and price lists (for example if you are a supplier of several publishing houses).

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Organize, manage and digitize your production.

Divide the processes into steps specific for the publishing world.

Manage the different phases independently.

• Optimize times and manage in parallel, for example, the cover and inside pages processings.

Constrain the order of the phases according to your or your customer's needs.

Create processing purchase orders for external binders or other suppliers who support you.

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Create, customize, order: all just a click away.

Create, manage and customize editor screens easily and promptly.

Create customized functions and views based on the type of product selected.

• Set up a different tab for each side of the work to customize (for example, a 12-month calendar or a vacation photo book).

Allow the use of specific web fonts (for example, proprietary fonts related to your customers' corporate image).

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Advantages of VG7
for the publishing sector

Improve your organization

VG7 allows you to improve, streamline and speed up work within your company through, for example, the creation of dynamic estimates, which automatically handle the minimum and maximum values ​​(for copies, pages and spine) of each binding, to avoid errors by the end customer.

Maximize your revenues

VG7 offers you the possibility to effectively and efficiently manage each single order. For example, by automatically calculating the benefit of managing the binding internally or externally, or choosing which is the best and most cost-effective printing technique between digital and offset.

Optimize the production cycle

VG7 allows you to optimize the yield and the use of materials, helping you through the automatic choice of signatures (for example, by combining 4-pages and 8-pages or 8-pages and 16-pages signatures on the same press sheet).