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Quick, easy and error-free print estimates

Create multiple estimates for different quantities and graphic subjects in a single step.

Automatically compare estimation results with different printing technologies (offset or digital, sheet or reel) and determine the best solution.

• Set up how to manage the lamination based on the press sheet, possibly excluding it or searching for the workable sheet portion.

Manually force the print yield on the desired press sheet, to satisfy the requests of a specific order.

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VG7 E-commerce

From B2B to B2C: the e-commerce of the future.

Configure all the specific variants for the different products: folding, creasing, die-cutting, file verification, etc.

Manage delivery days and discounts based on different parameters (for example by establishing a slower processing in case of lamination).

Upload your items through a simple and intuitive interface, which can communicate directly with your management software.

Display the pricing table by quantity and days of delivery, with relative percentages already applied and incompatibility of a certain date based on the run.

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Organize, manage and digitize your production.

Split up the processings into steps specific for the world of small format printing (for example, setup and plates or setup only).

Combine orders for commercial products that use the same paper to save press sheets.

Edit the material used in production in order to final balance the correct quantity, compared to that estimated for the customer.

Create processing purchase orders, for example in the case of external lamination or other finishes.

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Create, customize, order: all just a click away.

Insert a QR Code or a barcode (uniquely generated by the system) into the graphics.

Automatically generate a print file in which the project is repeated several times within the sheet, with the aim of making the most of the space through imposition.

Speed up configuration by the end customer, thanks to the management of pre-compiled fields that will automatically populate the graphics of the product created.

Set up a different tab for the front and back of the job to customize (for example, a business card).

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Advantages of VG7
for typographical printing

Statistics without surprises

Keep costs and revenues under control, thanks to the creation of detailed final reports for printing, paper, finishing, with or without external suppliers.

Create and manage combined orders

Combine the orders that share the same printing characteristics in production, in order to optimize times and costs, reducing the amount of press sheets used.

Simplify the offer of commercial products

Send estimates to the customer quickly, getting feedback in real time, thanks to the acceptance link with multiple lines (useful, for example, in the case of an estimate with different print runs for the same business card).