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Easy, fast and error-free print estimates.

Manage, through a unified interface, the printing of multi-component products (for example, a cardboard POS display): global quantity, quantity of individual components and specific print format.

Configure cover and inside lining for each component with different plates startup or the same plates startup.

Set the coupling of the various elements according to your needs (per sheet or per square meter).

Manage the assembled dimensions and define the yield and die for the cover and inside lining of each component.

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VG7 Production

Organize, manage and digitize your production.

• At the production level, configure the diversified management of the cover and inside lining.

Set different templates according to the machine used.

Bind the execution of phases dedicated to a certain component, specifying by which operator, processing center or external supplier they must be carried out.

Create job purchase orders for suppliers that support you in production.

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VG7 Logistics

Warehouse, logistics and shipments just a click away.

• Manage the warehouse of corrugated materials by dividing them by type.

Set internal codes, different purchase prices for various suppliers, position in the warehouse itself and minimum stock thresholds.

Keep track of the raw materials bound, to be ordered and arriving, not only in terms of handling, but also with eventual purchase orders.

Manage supplier code, loading/unloading, delivery note code and date in the event of quantities arriving with different timing, keeping track of the quantity that has not yet arrived.

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VG7 E-commerce

From B2B to B2C: the e-commerce of the future.

• Manage orders for items with multiple components in a unified way thanks to a digital platform developed with specific layouts for paper converting products.

Configure the choice of die and coupling (self, E, F, B).

Set choices for cover lining flaps in products that can have them.

• Make available to the customer different materials and print settings for the cover lining and inside lining (if present).

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Advantages of VG7
for the paper converting sector

Simplify the configuration of complex products

VG7 allows you to create, through a single panel, estimates for complex products, with multiple components equipped with cover and inside lining, with independent materials, yield, finishes and die-cutting, possibly coupled with corrugated materials. Save time and avoid any possible human error.

Calculate without compromise

VG7 offers you an estimating tool specifically dedicated to paper converting, based on specific rules and data for this sector, to allow you to create much more precise estimates than those created with generic and less specialized logic and tools.

Manage the production of every single element and process

With VG7, production management becomes simple and automated: the presence or absence of calculation elements such as cover lining, inside lining, die-cutting, coupling and more is reflected in a completely automatic way in the creation of the different processing phases, avoiding errors and speeding up processes.